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The Secret to the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix’s World-Famous Sounds

Written by Digital Arts on February 7, 2014. Posted in Emg pickup, Walrus audio, Walrus pedals

Guitar multi effects pedals

Want to recreate the iconic sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Metallica? You are going to need some guitar effects medals. Although electric guitar pedals names are pretty out there — including gems like T-rex pedals, Walrus Audio pedals, and the Pigtronix Infinity Looper — all pedals are fairly basic and easy to use. How did effects get started, and what pedals can you use to play like The Beatles, Hendrix, and more?

Country Star Unwittingly Creates Some of the Very First Guitar Effects

Guitar effects began with a loose connection to a mixing board,

What You Should Know About Native American Culture

Written by Digital Arts on February 6, 2014. Posted in Native american arts and crafts, Native american paintings, Native american weapons

Native american crafts

Long before Europeans set foot on American soil, a diverse band of Native American tribes roamed the lands that comprise North America. Interestingly, Native Americans lived a rich, fulfilling life complete with many traditions and habits which carry on today through museum exhibits and word of mouth. In short, there is a lot of respect for Native Americans among all people.

Native American artwork is one way the spirit of the Native American lives on. Many pieces of Native American artwork portray animals like eagles, bears, walruses, and deer. Collectively, Native Americans were a spiritual people, and animals were beings that deserved respect and reverence. Furthermore, when Native Americans killed animals, they found a purpose for every part of the animal because of their respect for the spirit o

Dance lessons phoenix —- Free Video

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