Four Digital Art Magazine Sites for Serious Art Fans

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According to a Bloiun Art Info study from 2008, around two million Americans identify themselves as artists. Though most might think of painters wearing dirty smocks and working on a canvas when they hear the term, those artists generally fit into one of 11 different categories. Because of that, there is lots of different art, of all types and styles, being produced every day. In order to keep up with it all, art fanatics should regularly peruse some of the best arts magazines out there. Doing so will give them all the updates and insights they need to stay plugged in to the art world.

Art and Antiques

If you are an art lover who wants to find some unique pieces to complete your collection, then reading the 10 issues a year published by Art and Antiques is a good idea. It features lots

Study Technique, Styles, and Get the Latest Breaking Art News

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Digital arts magazines

According to Georgetown University, majoring in Studio Art can land you one of the least well-paying gigs. Studio Art majors average a salary of approximately $40,000. While far from being the worst paid of all the majors, there is a ring of truth to the popular belief that those that make, and study art, do it out of love, and not out of avarice.

Whether you prefer to work in traditional or digital mediums, the quest to learn, improve, and share your talent is never ending. If you want to hone your craft, consider an art magazine as a valuable tool. Here are three ways you can use arts magazines to grow as an artist.

  1. Study technique.
  2. Do you already know how to properly draw the figure, or draw reflections in the human eye? Most arts magazines include tutorials for drawing, painting, or

From Animation to Sound Installations, Digital Art is Trending Upward

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Digital art

If you love visual art, then you understand the value of high quality art magazines. For those who may not be able to view certain works of art in person in a gallery setting, high resolution photographs in a well produced publication can often be the next best thing. With the advent of better and better technology, readers now have access to art that utilizes more mediums than traditional sculpture or oil on canvas.

Digital arts magazines focus on works that might get overlooked in magazines such as Art in America or ARTnews, which often concentrate on more established forms of expression. Digital works can utilize any number of mediums, from digital animation to sound installation to computer assisted drawing. A prime example of digital artworks are the video projections of South African artist William Kentrid

A Switch in Gaming Distribution? Four Updates to Digital Art News

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Art magazine

The very first examples of human art we have are the cave paintings and venus sculptures from the stone age period. Today, art has changed pace and is often digital in nature. Here are four new updates to the art world that might surprise you, as found in digital arts magazines.

1. A Switch in Gaming Distribution

Electronic Arts, a global game distributor, has reported a huge uptick in the number of games sold online, as opposed to physically, in a store. Digital sales now account for 482 million dollars, as opposed to 452 million for physical, disc based games. The tide seems to slowly but surely be turning on this one.

2. New Coral Launch

Coral, a popular digital art program similar to photoshop, has released Painter X3. It adds 25 new Jitter brushes to the mix, all of which are customizable and aim to add

Topics, Business and the Digital Arts

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Art magazine

Looking to brush up on your design and illustration chops? Digital arts magazines provide insights, tips and tricks and case studies to really get your digital arts skills supercharged.

The digital arts are constantly evolving as software advances to take advantages of stronger, faster computers and as techniques are created to better take advantage of the tools. As such, you can constantly keep adding to your digital arts portfolio and skills. By studying other artists, you can improve your capabilities.

In terms of illustration techniques, the digital arts publications can showcase multiple ways of presenting the same subject matter. Just as there are numerous styles of painting, there are unlimited styles of digital painting. By looking at different ways to create subject matter, your style and efficiency w

New Technologies Help Artists Push Their Boundaries

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Art magazines

Developments in technology make all kinds of things easier and allow both individuals and businesses to get organized and run more efficiently. However, one aspect of technology that people often overlook is the fact that it provides many opportunities for individuals to be creative. While some will use the growth of the internet to share their writing by starting a blog, others might want to use design software to create digital art that is both aesthetically pleasing and complex. The virtually limitless nature of computers and digital art allows artists to explore all kinds of new techniques and produce new art. This means that the public has access to more types of images and artwork than ever before.

Everyone has a different interpretation of art, but there have always been certain limitations on what artists have been able to accomplish. However, today, digital art helps expand those boundaries and let artists try many new techniques. This could include 3D art, videos, music, higher quality images, and many other things. No matter what an individual hopes to accomplish, using digital art is a great way to push boundaries and get the most out of the skills that they have. And, it provides art viewers with unprecedented works are both aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

While many will simply use search engines to find some unique work, others will want to subscribe to digital arts magazines that are loaded with not only cool artwork, but lots of information. The best magazines will feature articles about all kinds of subject, including new artists, computer programs, and new trends that are developing. They might even provide information on how individuals can develop some skills and become an artist who utilizes technology to create awesome artwork. The combination of artwork and information makes digital art magazines a great resource for anybody who is fascinated by the creativity artists are able to showcase.

If someone has a passion for art, and thinks that digital art is a good idea, they might want to spend some time doing a bit of research in order to better understand the type of work that goes into it. Like any art, digital art requires a great combination of skill and patience, but also an understanding of how to use design programs and other technologies. Because it can be difficult to master all of that, some research can be quite helpful. Fortunately, there are websites available that provide lots of useful information, and forums about digital art could include not only galleries, but tips and advice. Checking them out can go a long way towards helping an art fan hone in on their own skills.

Art Magazines Can Be A Great Way To Stay Up On The Art World

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Art magazines

Are you interested in art and the art world? If so, you might check out art magazines. There are numerous different kinds of art magazines out in the world today, treating a variety of different art styles and art topics. With this endless array of options, there is certainly something to suit everybody’s individual interests. And of course, the rise of rise of the computer and digital media, there are also numerous digital arts magazines available online, making art and art magazines all the more accessible.

First of all, if you are interested in art magazines keep in mind that there are a variety of different magazines treating the topic art. Wallpaper is a very prominent art magazine, covering international design, art, and lifestyle. And if you are interested specifically in art and design, Surface is a great magazine to check out, focusing on global design and style. Art In America is also a very well known art magazine, focusing on various styles of art in the Americas and around the world, from emerging art to more world renowned artists. Other prominent art magazines include BlackBook, Modern Painters, and Art and Antiques, among many others.

And of course, many art magazines are inherently interdisciplinary in nature, focusing on the intersections of art and things like history, technology, and nature. The Smithsonian is actually a great example of more interdisciplinary kind of art magazine, exploring nature, history, archeology, science, popular culture and the arts. Overall, art magazines can make a very interesting read and are a great way to stay connected to the art world.

Get A Closer Look Inside The Industry With An Arts Magazine

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Digital arts magazine

Any magazine about the arts is wholly informative and very exciting to read, of course if you love the arts anyway. If that is the case for you, then invest your time in looking at a magazine that details the arts and everything that goes into it. It can open up doors for you in ways you never believed were possible.

An arts magazine will help you to discover who the major artists are who are in practice today. If you perhaps are an art student or someone who likes to know this information, then you certainly can find it in an art magazine, which normally is littered with articles that profile these artists. This includes professionals who are involved with digital art and with other forms of art as well. Every subject area is covered with these art magazines, so the content is what reigns here.

An arts magazine will additionally make your coffee table look more professional. Whether you operate a professional practice or run an art gallery, having a nice digital arts magazine on your table or in your entryway will show folks that you know what you are talking about and that you mean business too. These digital arts magazines look beautiful on the outside and on the inside too, so when guests are waiting in your office space they can browse through the arts magazine and get a real feel for some truly wonderful art.

An arts magazine will do its part to encourage you to learn more about the arts industry as a whole as well. Through both the aforementioned personality profiles detailing the experiences of artists to the latest technologies and trends that are apparent within the digital arts field, these publications will cover them all. And you will keep yourself more informed on the arts than you ever believed was possible, just by reading an arts magazine.

An arts magazine normally will not cost you much, perhaps a nominal subscription rate, or it could even be free. This means you get to invest a little amount of cash into a very high impact and high quality publication, which you either can pick up or subscribe to. And increasingly, there are chances to explore these magazines online, giving you more opportunities to get your knowledge and enhance your arts based experiences. In most cases, with online versions of an arts magazine, the topics normally are the same and the visuals are just as enticing.

Moving Pictures, Art Magazines Online

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Art magazines

Traditionally, art magazines were full of bright colorful photographs. Even those with little or no knowlege of art enjoy looking at page after page of paintings, portraits, sculptures and other works of art. The pages themselves were made from thick, shiny paper making the photographs even more attractive to look at.

While there are still many arts magazines in paper form, digital arts magazines are becoming more and more popular. Art magazines of both the paper and the electronic kinds contain information about art and artists, and of course there are pictures. Many people are enjoying the speed and convenience of looking at those pictures online.

There are digital arts magazines of all kinds. If you are interested in photography, impressionist paintings, or sculptures there is an online magazine for you. If you want to learn the history of a particular art form, or find the most up to date information about art galleries or shows in your area, there are websites for that, too.

There is a wide selection of art magazines of all kinds. In addition to the tangible portraits, paintings and other works of art, there are also the performing arts. Magazines and periodicals are available for people who might want to study dance, or acting. There are several for those who just want to learn more about the performers, and to see pictures of them in action.

With a variety of both paper and online art magazines, there is something for everyone. If you have an interest in art there are many choices available to you. Whether you enjoy looking at black and white photography, or old Italian sculptures there are art magazines for you. If you want to see ballerinas at work, or maybe even learn more about dancing so that you can try it yourself, there are magazines on the store shelves and online for you, too.


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Digital arts magazine


It can mean to breathe in, take in, absorb the air around you.

It can also mean a thing that has changed our mind, opened your mind, or the process of causing someone to do something to try something new, different or bold.

With the explosion of content on the internet, your little blog or website might need some help getting noticed, read, and revisited.

Digital arts magazines can help. So can art magazines.

Their layouts, bold use of colors (or black and white), ideas for displaying subjects and getting you emotionally involved in them are worth your time and perusal. Frankly, you won’t spend too much time in good digital arts magazines without finding an image that triggers something in you. And actually, some time in BAD digital arts magazines is still well spent: you may find a good idea or two, or discover what really does not work.

What you will discover in digital arts magazines is a level of energy that hits you right in the face. If you can duplicate some of the impact of the images or ideas you see in digital arts magazines, your blog or website is going to have people lingering over it and sharing the images.

A nice feature of digital arts magazines is that they all have do it yourself features on how to build vivid graphics and visual content that may quickly have you exploring a whole new side of yourself or your website. Many of these digital arts magazines also provide links to sites that sell visual content, just in case you are not the artistic type. At the very least, you get a tutorial on how to use images, type styles, color, textures and layouts that will attract and keep viewers glued to your site.

So many search engine optimization firms focus on numbers and hits on a website, and that is important. But for you, the person who wants people to read your blog or buy from your company website, it is also important that people linger on our pages. You can find all kinds of ideas to bring the visual appeal of our pages up a whole bunch of notches in art magazines or digital arts magazines.