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Bring a Casino to Your Next Corporate Fundraiser

Written by Digital Arts on November 28, 2016. Posted in Casino night party chicago, Hosting a casino night fundraiser, Poker party

Fundraiser ideas

Are you looking for corporate event ideas? When you’re in charge of corporate event planning, one of your goals is to find corporate event ideas mixing work and play. There are so many fun and creative corporate event ideas that will entertain your employees, special clients, and provide fundraising opportunities.

One popular idea is to have a casino night party theme. What’s more, is that you can have a Las-Vegas style casino party brought to your office, home, or another local venue. Furthermore, the casino party staff will teach your guests how to play casino games

Planning the Perfect Home Movie Night

Written by Digital Arts on November 1, 2016. Posted in Home entertainment services, Lexington home automation, Lexinton home theater

Home automation systems

Have you always dreamed of having your own home automation or movie theater home setup? This is a common dream of avid movie goers. Having your own personal movie theater can provide you with many benefits, including money saved on high ticket prices, watching movies in the comfort of your own home, and controlling the movies that are shown. When you have your own personal home automation system, you can also plan the perfect movie night for your family and friends. The following tips will ensure that everyone enjoys the personal movie night.

Ensure all guests are comfortable. One of the best parts of going to the movie theater is the comfortable seating. Today, many movie theaters a