Four Digital Art Magazine Sites for Serious Art Fans

Art magazine

According to a Bloiun Art Info study from 2008, around two million Americans identify themselves as artists. Though most might think of painters wearing dirty smocks and working on a canvas when they hear the term, those artists generally fit into one of 11 different categories. Because of that, there is lots of different art, of all types and styles, being produced every day. In order to keep up with it all, art fanatics should regularly peruse some of the best arts magazines out there. Doing so will give them all the updates and insights they need to stay plugged in to the art world.

Art and Antiques

If you are an art lover who wants to find some unique pieces to complete your collection, then reading the 10 issues a year published by Art and Antiques is a good idea. It features lots of reviews of different works and galleries and news about both domestic and international markets. Plus, it provides some expert appraisal advice if you are trying to sell items or buy a new one at the proper price.


Ever since Andy Warhol began releasing his work, art and pop culture have gone hand in hand. Though it only releases six issues a year, BlackBook is the premiere source of style and substance in pop culture today. It provides information on everything from restaurants and nightlife to fashion and the arts, making it one of the best art magazines for art fans who hope to stay culturally relevant.


Surface focuses on all kinds of topics in the art field, including fashion, architecture, graphics, film, interior design, and music. But what sets it apart as a great arts magazine is that it investigates the motives and specific processes behind new trends. As a result, it provides great insights for art fans who want to understand the motivation behind contemporary work.

Professional Artist

While most might read arts magazines because they are fans and want a glimpse of some of the latest works and trends, anyone striving to refine their skills and become a pro themselves. Professional Artist provides just six issues a year, but they are loaded with insights, advice, and strategies that can help a talented artist build a career doing what they love. It can help avoid the dreaded “starving artist” tag.

Sitting down and reading magazines can be a relaxing, and maybe even productive way to pass the time. However, not everyone has open schedules that allow them to do so. If that is the case, the finding digital arts magazines that have good information and can be read anywhere with an internet connection is a good idea. The combination of print and digital magazines helps make sure that art fans today are more informed than ever before.

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