From Art To Exercise How Dance Can Benefit You

Dance studio

Dance has always been a popular form of self expression and art. Some of the earliest evidence of dancing as a part of society are cave paintings in India, believed to be 9,000 years old. The Ancient Egyptians were believers in the power of dance, both for religious and creative purposes. Of course, dancing has evolved in a big way since then. Some ancient dances haven’t changed for centuries, and each culture has its own definition of what is and isn’t dance. In some societies, the definition of dance is very rigid. For example, the French developed very specific requirements of dancers. This had in part to do with Louis XIV’s founding of the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse, which had specialized rules for ballroom dance. Although dancing is something that unites the world, with almost every culture having a type of dance, it also divides us. There’s a big difference between “dirty dancing” and ballet, for example! Even with ballroom dance, there are many different types of dancing, from the American ballroom dancing to Latin ballroom dancing. But if you want to learn how to dance, you can undoubtedly do it — you just need the right instructor. There are many advantages to taking ballroom dance lessons, particularly when you’re a part of a group dance class. Let’s look into what a group dance class can do for you!

A Group Dance Class: The Social Aspect

There are many ways through which you can take ballroom dancing lessons. Now more than ever, there are many different options for those wishing to pursue ballroom dance. Between 2012 and 2022, the American dance industry is expected to grow by 13%. You could certainly find a private instructor to teach you how to dance. But why take a private dance class when you can take a group dance class? There are so many reasons why a group class is a better option than a private lesson. For one thing, a group class fosters a sense of camaraderie. Most group classes have students all in the same relative skill level. When you see that others are learning at the same rate as you are, and experiencing the same highs and lows, you’re less likely to feel down on yourself. You can also help your fellow students learn, and vice versa. A social setting is also simply more fun! Dancing isn’t just about exercise; it’s a social outlet as well. Many have found lifelong friends through dance — and some have even found their life partners. Who knows what will happen for you?

Dancing As An Art: Creative Expression

Whether you’re in a ballroom dance studio, learning precise steps, or looking into more contemporary styles of dance, you are expressing yourself artistically. Many people find themselves in need of artistic expression in their lives, especially if their jobs are high-powered and rigid. By dancing, many find that they are able to feel free for the first time. Dancing has been found to have a relaxing or mentally therapeutic aspect for some individuals. Others have found that things like choreography are art pieces, in a sense. You as the dancer become a work of art. Just like painting classes have been shown to help people relax, so dance classes can do the same!

Dance As Exercise: Getting Fit Without Growing Bored

There are many ways in which you can exercise — however, not all of them are enjoyable. Many people find themselves bored with going to the gym. They may even dread it. The thing about dance is that it’s a prove aerobic activity, while at the same time being enjoyable. People know that they’re exercising while dancing; but it doesn’t become a dragging routine the way traditional exercise may. With that being said, if you’re getting bored with your typical daily routine, you may want to consider dance as a form of exercise.

The options for dancing are limitless — why not give it a chance?

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