Making the Switch to an Electric Skateboard

Battery skateboard

Skateboarding has long been a popular way to get around quickly. Now the option of using motorized or electric skateboards has been increasing in popularity as well. An electric powered skateboard offers the freedom of skateboarding but with the extra boost of speed. This adds an element of fun for the hobbyist skateboarder, as well as convenience for those who use them for commuting to work.

Using an electric powered skateboard is actually a bit easier to ride than a normal one is. This is why it can be a very appealing choice for newer or casual skaters. Skateboarders are considered casual if they ride up to 25 times per year.

Electric skateboards have breaks build in where normal skateboards do not. That means it’s a lot easier to control them while keeping your eyes on the road. Safe and convenient. Electric powered skateboards can handle speeds that are relative to the traffic on city streets, so it is important to be safe when using them. That includes wearing the proper safety gear.

Now “core skaters” on the other hand, are those people who skateboard over 26 times per year. Electric skateboards are also very popular with even the most advanced core skaters. It’s simply hard to beat the convenience of skating at high speeds with a motor when compared to doing the same without a motor. Most electric skateboards rely on the use of a joystick type device that allows you to control where your speed and break. They are usually pretty straightforward and easy to use to avoid any accidental moves.

Another reason that electric skateboards appeal for commuting reasons is that they are an eco-friendly option. While they use a motor, that motor is capable of working off a rechargeable battery. (Highly preferable to the gas-powered option.) Using transportation that runs on a rechargeable battery is simply one of the most eco-friendly ways to get around.

Rechargeable batteries also happen to be light. Think about how light the lithium batteries have become in our cell phones. They don’t need to take up much space to give out a lot of power. When the battery power is light in weight, it also makes the skateboard itself lighter in weight. That adds to the convenience factor of choosing to skate electric since skateboards do not need much storage space. It’s a lot easier to park a skateboard than it is to park a car, or even a bike.

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