Planning the Perfect Home Movie Night

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Have you always dreamed of having your own home automation or movie theater home setup? This is a common dream of avid movie goers. Having your own personal movie theater can provide you with many benefits, including money saved on high ticket prices, watching movies in the comfort of your own home, and controlling the movies that are shown. When you have your own personal home automation system, you can also plan the perfect movie night for your family and friends. The following tips will ensure that everyone enjoys the personal movie night.

Ensure all guests are comfortable. One of the best parts of going to the movie theater is the comfortable seating. Today, many movie theaters are equipped with large, leather chairs. The comfortable home theater seating will make you and your guests feel like you are really sitting in your favorite comfortable movie theater. The chairs should also be appropriately spaced, yet close enough to feel like you are enjoying the movie with the others.

Make a movie selection that everyone will enjoy. One of the most exciting parts of going to the movies is choosing the movie that you will see. Family members and friends may argue for their choice, eventually with everyone compromising on one. This same process should ensue for the home automation movie night. You should also keep in mind the ages and types of guests. Children friendly movies should be played for younger guests.

You can get your movie choices from a variety of sources. You can rent top releases from the local rental box or mail service company. You can also stream your favorite movies from internet movies sources, such as Hulu or Amazon. Hulu seems to be a popular choice for home entertainment purposes. Approximately 38 million people have watched Hulu at least once in the past year.

Consider streaming TV show marathons. Many people enjoy TV shows just as much as they enjoy watching movies. Movie theaters do not provide you with the ability to watch your favorite TV shows on the big screen. Having a TV marathon night can make for a great home automation night. Approximately 79% said that watching several episodes of their favorite shows at once makes the shows more enjoyable. TV streaming programs like Netflix and Amazon allow you to watch one episode after another of your favorite TV shows.

Provide your guests with snacks. The concession stands at the movie theater is a favorite among many movie goers. People spend just as much in snacks as they do on the actual movie tickets. Consider providing your guests with a variety of movie theater snacks for a true feel of home entertainment services. The difference is that you will save a lot of money, as you can get the popular snack foods much cheaper at your local shopping store. Consider serving the normal movie theater foods, such as popcorn, soda, candy, and nachos.

Turn out the lights, turn on the surround system, and enjoy your home theater. Once you have provided your guests with the comfortable seating, great movie or TV show selections, and the delicious snacks, it is time to sit back and enjoy the movie experience. Get the real feel of the movie home theater by turning out as many lights as possible, turning up your surround system, and relaxing. With 57% of people preferring to watch movies at home, your guests are sure to enjoy the home theater experience.

Movies are a multi million dollar business. Most people have been to the movie theater multiple times. Yet, many prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes. Having your own personal movie automation theater system installed into your home allows you to enjoy the movie going experience at home. Streaming programs allow you to choose the movies you will watch and you can even get the large, comfortable seating that is so popular with movie theaters. Pair these things up with some yummy snacks and you have your own home automation system!

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