Six Gift Ideas To Show Your Pastor’s Wife How Much You Care

Six Gift Ideas To Show Your Pastor’s Wife How Much You Care

If church is a regular and important part of your life, your pastor is likely someone that you hold in very high esteem. Just as important as the pastor, the pastor’s wife may hold an important role in your life as well as it pertains to church.

Whether you know it or not, pastors wives fill an important role. They often serve as a non-official assistant pastor and are important advisors for pastors as they serve their congregations. They are often self-sufficient women, who may or may not have made sacrifices along the way for their husbands to further their callings as pastors.

If you want to make pastors wives feel more loved and appreciated, there are plenty of ideas available if you want to give a pastor wife tribute gift. Whether you want to give something small, like homemade baked goods, or something bigger such as crystal plaques or crystal gifts, there a lot of options to make pastors wives feel appreciated.

If you’re looking for a pastor wife tribute gift, here are some good ideas:

  • Cook a meal or bake some homemade goods and drop them off at their home (make sure to call first).
  • If the family has kids, offer to babysit or do some household chores so the pastor’s wife can enjoy some time to herself away from home.
  • A gift card to one of her favorite stores.
  • A gift basket. This is a great idea for a pastor wife tribute gift. You can put together any sort of gift basket you want. Depending on what the pastor’s wife likes, you can put together a chocolate basket, an aromatherapy basket or a coffee and tea basket.
  • A journaling bible. Chances are the pastor’s wife has all manner of bibles in her home. One creative pastor wife tribute gift is to give her a journaling bible so she can doodle and jot down her thoughts and feelings.
  • A plaque. Crystal is the traditional symbol of the 15th wedding anniversary, but they can also make great gives for people of all professions and backgrounds. A truly unique pastor wife tribute gift can be a crystal plaque with a personalized message. This makes for a memorable keepsake that lets her know just how much she is appreciated by you and other members of the congregation.

Whether you choose thank you gifts that are big or small, making a gesture of any kind to a pastor’s wife will let her know how much she is appreciated. Taking the time to buy or make a meaningful gift will mean so much to her and she’ll be both surprised and very appreciative.

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