The Fake Wedding Video That Still Gives Brides Nightmares

Backyard party tent

In 2009, a viral video was quietly released online showing any bride’s worst nightmare: a drunken guest literally ruining the entire event.
Countless brides all over the world depend on wedding tent rentals for their reception. Not only to tent and party rentals allow wedding planners to plan weddings almost anywhere, but they provide an important insurance policy against rain on your wedding day. And it’s not just weddings, for a number of outdoor events tent rentals are increasingly popular.
In the 2009 video, a bride looks on stone faced as a drunken guest sloppily dances around the reception. After stumbling about, she finally tries to do a twirl on one of the beams holding up the wedding tent. And in a scene straight out of any bride or wedding tent rentals’ nightmares, the whole thing comes crashing down. For any bride nervous about drunken in-laws, it’s a nightmare come to life.
Dozens of copies of this video are now floating around the Internet, giving brides second thoughts about wedding tent rentals. There’s just one problem: the video is 100% fake.
First, wedding tents don’t simply collapse because a guest that can’t hold their liquor leans the wrong way on a support pillar. The entire wedding tent rentals industry would have been sued out of existence long ago if that were the case.
So where did the infamous wedding video come from?
Ironically, it’s from beer company Heineken. In 2009, Heineken released a number of humorous videos online for its responsible drinking campaign “Know the Signs.” Most of those videos have been long forgotten, but the wedding tent video has lived on, passed off as a genuine wedding disaster.
The truth is, you don’t have to worry about party or wedding tent rentals collapsing. Tents for rent for outdoor events are typically rated for winds from 70 to 90 miles per hour, and they’re built to withstand rain (that’s why so many wedding planners use them in the first place!). There’s a reason they’re such a familiar and popular choice for outdoor events like graduation ceremonies, bar mitzvahs, wedding receptions, and corporate events.

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