The Power Of Nostalgia How The Photo Booth Franchise Has Carried On Throughout The Years

Photographs hold a special place in our heart.

Even with high-definition video quality at the touch of a button able to commemorate our most special occasions, there’s something timeless about a good photo. We decorate our walls with family pictures, take selfies to celebrate our appearance…it’s simply a way of life. The photo booth franchise has remained stout in the face of technology, offering tourists and visitors alike the chance to celebrate a moment in time. When you want to bring a little more foot traffic to your establishment, an iPad photo booth can give everyone the best of both worlds. A literal blend of the old and new.

How far has photography come? Let’s take a look below.

It’s hard to imagine, but there are people today who once knew what it was like to see a color photo for the first time. Photography is a relatively recent invention in light of human history and one we can easily take for granted in today’s fast-paced world. Humans took the very first ever digital photograph over 40 years ago, with the first digital camera to be created developed by an engineer at the Kodak Company. It would take over 20 seconds to take its first photograph. Imagine how easily you can take several photos today with the click of a button.

The word photography is combined from two Greek words — ‘photos’ and ‘graphe’. Quite literally, it means drawing with light. According to recent data from Benedict Evans, people share over 700 billion photos per year on Facebook, with Instagram following behind at 20 billion. Photography is still a popular career field for many, prominent in graphic design, marketing, fashion, film, and even population analysis. How has the portable photo booth remained such a common staple of the tourist industry?

There’s something to be said about the classics and the areas they occupy in our lives. The photo booth franchise is a fun and casual way of enjoying a memory in motion, particularly when combined with interesting filters, fast printing, and personalized messages. Take it a step further and look at how photography is still celebrated around the world. World Photography Day is enjoyed every 19th of August, starting when two Frenchmen — Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre — invented the ‘Daguerrotype’.

Did you know the number of photos captured every two minutes today is the same number of photos taken by all of mankind in the 1800’s? That should give you some idea as to why the photo booth franchise has yet to fall out of favor. Photographs are simply how we communicate with others and ourselves. To start your own photo booth business is to embrace this natural tendency and bring out the best in each person that comes your way. From visitors to tourists to clients, you’ll be putting your best foot forward in the most creative way possible.

Here’s what a good photo booth franchise should offer. The iPad photo booth is useful for having cross compatibility with many mainstream devices, though more old-fashioned models can still provide nostalgic entertainment. Make sure you have more than enough filters and supplemental equipment and accessories to personalize the experience. Photo booth backdrops should also be rotated to fit in with the season. When people enter the photo booth they want to take a few minutes to explore what made a particular day special.

Give people something to remember. Look into photo marketing for your next promotional campaign.

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