When to Buy Some Festive Balloons

When to Buy Some Festive Balloons

There are many fine ways to decorate a room or an outdoor space for a party or event, all the way from colorful tablecloths to streamers to music. Don’t forget balloons, either, which can be wholesale foil balloons, latex balloons, or even some of both. Balloons are affordable, look nice, and are easy to inflate and set up, ensuring their appeal for just about any event. Still, it’s smart to be careful and responsible about setting up and disposing of wholesale foil balloons and regular latex balloons; it is not a good idea to let helium filled balloons fly away, and balloon scraps can be a choking hazard for small children and pets. But it should be easy to avoid those hazards, and anyone looking to buy some balloons can enjoy a wide variety of options. So, when is it time to look for wholesale foil balloons? Or when will air filled balloons made of latex do the trick?

All About Latex Balloons

The very concept of balloons is actually much older than some American might realize. All the way back in 1824, a certain professor Michael Faraday invented them when he fused together the edges of two rubber sheets and inflated these early balloons with air, and balloons have been popular ever since. But take note that today’s balloons are made of latex rather than rubber, for the sake of environmental preservation. Harvesting that much rubber would put serious strain on forests, but a latex tree can be harvested for material for many years on end without killing the tree in the process. So, latex is much more sustainable, and better yet, latex balloons can be filled with either air or helium as desired.

An air filled latex balloon will not float, but then again, inflating a balloon with air is very easy, since a person can use any ordinary pump or even their own breath to fill it (not everyone has access to a helium pump). An air filled balloon will last for about a week or so. Meanwhile, it is also popular to fill latex balloons with helium, and these will indeed float, though it’s best to tie them to strings or long ribbons so they don’t float away. A person can buy these at an event such as a carnival, or get them at grocery stores or use a helium pump of their own. Latex balloons are easily affordable, since they may come in a packet of dozens or even hundred at once for a low price at a party supply store (prices vary).

Foil Balloons Done Right

By contrast, foil balloons are a more recent invention, but they have even more potential to decorate a room and look nice. Foil balloons are made with two foil sheets that are cut into identical shapes, and then their edges are fused together. Once that is done, the balloon can be filled with helium, and tied down with a string or long ribbon. Often, foil balloons can have images or colors printed right on them, anything from messages such as “happy birthday” all the way to pop culture images (which latex balloons cannot so easily do). What is more, foil balloons can be cut into a wide variety of shapes, anything from circles and hearts to numbers and letters. A foil balloon can be bought in a packet and then inflated, or purchased already fully inflated at a grocery store or similar retailer.

Using Balloons for Decoration

When and where should balloons be used? A child’s birthday party is a great example, where foil balloons shaped like numbers can form the birthday boy or girl’s new age, plus foil balloons with appealing images or messages on them. A baby shower or bridal shower’s decor can include balloons too, often pink and/or white latex ones filled with helium and tied down in small bunches. Wholesale foil balloons with a message such as “get well soon” make for great gifts to recovering hospital patients, and a high school prom is a great time for air filled latex balloons. They can be used in great numbers to form decoration such as arches, or be released from a cage on the ceiling during the dance. Such a balloon drop can be great fun.

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