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Taking A Look At The Importance Of Packaging

Written by Digital Arts on November 13, 2018. Posted in Coffee bags wholesale, Pet food packaging for dogs, Pet treat packaging

From medical marijuana bags to pet food packaging for cats to coffee bag design, the design of packaging is a hugely important thing all throughout the United States. It’s important in terms of sales as well as how consumers of the product relate to the brand. It’s also hugely important for packaging to be informational, as informational packaging is more likely to get customers to feel comfortable buying the product.

And while it might not seem like the packaging for things like medical marijuana bags and printed coffee bags is all that important, this is actually far from the case. On the contrary, more than one quarter of survey respondents (twenty six percent of them, to be a little more exact) said that they actually cared very much about the packaging of a product and that is was quite important for their overall satisfaction with the product that they were buying and then consuming. In addition to this, more than three quarters of all purchasing decisions (eighty five perce

When Was the Last Time Your Family Worked on a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Written by Digital Arts on November 3, 2018. Posted in 300 piece jigsaw puzzles, Easy puzzles, Tough puzzles

This is the weekend that the grandkids look forward to. As soon as Halloween is over and the temperatures begin to drop, your husband brings a card table up from the basement and you set out one of your favorite 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles. The grandkids love to hang around after Sunday dinner, and spend hours sorting pieces. First they sort the edges from the 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles that you tackle, and once the frame has been created the group starts pulling out pieces that are the same color. There are a few favorites among all of the 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles that you have done that get pulled out every year, but you always make sure that you add a new one to the mix as well.
Putting together big jigsaw puzzles is a fun activity, especially once cold temperatures arrive. Whether it is a Sunday tradition with the grandparents after church and dinner or it is a Thanksgiving weekend event, both easy puzzles and difficult puzzles are a great way to spend time with family.

Here’s a Big Money Saving Secret For Your Next Function!

Written by Digital Arts on November 2, 2018. Posted in Disposable serveware, Elegant paper napkins, Plastic bowls

Just because you’re throwing an elegant affair doesn’t mean you should have the headache of a massive clean up (or paying for one). There’s a way to make disposable serveware, paper napkins, and cutlery still look fancy. Whether you’re considering it for a gala, wedding, or other swanky event, disposable serveware and other disposable dinnerware will make everything a lot easier (and likely less expensive as well). If the event has an open bar or is buffet style, it’s even better to have items you can easily replace. Most event planners suggest having at least three disposable plates allotted per guest and have about 75 glasses for every 25 guests — people will go through cups (or misplace them) quickly. We’ll discuss how to class up disposable serveware, how to find fancy plastic cups or napkins, and why you should consider going this route in the first place.

Get Posh With Plastic

There’s plenty of elegant plastic tableware available — everything from

3 Other Places To Wear A Halloween Costume

Written by Digital Arts on November 1, 2018. Posted in Family christmas costumes, The halloween store, Womens flight attendant costume

3 Other Places To Wear A Halloween Costume

Outside of Halloween, where do you put on that jazzy costume and flaunt those cat whiskers out in public? Astonishingly, about 5.8 million American adults dress as a witch, about 2.93 million American children dress as their favorite princess, and about 3.76 million American children dress as their favorite superhero on Halloween. While 62% of parents admit to stealing some of their child’s candy, where else can those costumes from the Halloween store be worn? With those types of numbers, it is no surprise that the annual Halloween expenditure in the United States amounts to approximately $9.1 billion. Why spend all that money on a baseball zombie costume and only wear it once? A costume party is cool and all, but here are some other places you can wear your well thought out Halloween costume include:

1) Comic Con: Bring on the adult lamb costume from the cult cartoon that only a fraction of the attendees know!

2) The Renai