3 Other Places To Wear A Halloween Costume

3 Other Places To Wear A Halloween Costume

Outside of Halloween, where do you put on that jazzy costume and flaunt those cat whiskers out in public? Astonishingly, about 5.8 million American adults dress as a witch, about 2.93 million American children dress as their favorite princess, and about 3.76 million American children dress as their favorite superhero on Halloween. While 62% of parents admit to stealing some of their child’s candy, where else can those costumes from the Halloween store be worn? With those types of numbers, it is no surprise that the annual Halloween expenditure in the United States amounts to approximately $9.1 billion. Why spend all that money on a baseball zombie costume and only wear it once? A costume party is cool and all, but here are some other places you can wear your well thought out Halloween costume include:

1) Comic Con: Bring on the adult lamb costume from the cult cartoon that only a fraction of the attendees know!

2) The Renaissance Faire: Have a female jester costume? You’ll fit right in!

3) On Stage: Are your kids in a theatre class at school? Do you have a love for the stage? That werewolf wig just might come in handy.

Where Did Halloween Come From?

When visiting a Halloween store, you probably never imagine where the tradition of Halloween comes from. Turns out, Halloween comes from an ancient pagan festival (Samhain) celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago. Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to the U.S. in the 1800s. Never thought about that, huh? Halloween has a much deeper history than anyone really thinks about. Aside from dressing up in a fun costume from the Halloween store and trick or treating, not much thought goes into the history of this incredible holiday! For example, did you know that the phrase “trick or treat” was first used in the U.S. in 1927? Most parents also admit to stealing their kids candy, and 68% of Americans cite chocolate as their favorite Halloween candy!

Online Halloween Store vs. Brick and Mortar Store

While there are many benefits to visiting the Halloween store in person, there are also a ton of benefits to purchasing your womens flight attendant costume online. An online Halloween costume provides a wider variety of sizes, from infants to plus size. Halloween stores online give a broader array of costumes and selection, where a brick and mortar store may run out of sizes more quickly. While both have pros and cons, online stores most likely give more options while an in-person Halloween store trip can be helpful when trying on sizes. Whatever you choose, both online Halloween stores and brick and mortar stores serve different and beneficial purposes to their customers.

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