Here’s a Big Money Saving Secret For Your Next Function!

Just because you’re throwing an elegant affair doesn’t mean you should have the headache of a massive clean up (or paying for one). There’s a way to make disposable serveware, paper napkins, and cutlery still look fancy. Whether you’re considering it for a gala, wedding, or other swanky event, disposable serveware and other disposable dinnerware will make everything a lot easier (and likely less expensive as well). If the event has an open bar or is buffet style, it’s even better to have items you can easily replace. Most event planners suggest having at least three disposable plates allotted per guest and have about 75 glasses for every 25 guests — people will go through cups (or misplace them) quickly. We’ll discuss how to class up disposable serveware, how to find fancy plastic cups or napkins, and why you should consider going this route in the first place.

Get Posh With Plastic

There’s plenty of elegant plastic tableware available — everything from elegant plastic cups to elegant paper napkins and champagne flutes! You might even be able to get party supply packages so everything you need is right at your fingertips. This type of package is especially ideal if you’re working with a theme — everything from appetizer plates to serveware and napkins and glasses will match.

It’s actually amazing what you can do with plastic these days — thicker plastic can be used with detailing, so that gold plastic tableware imitates glass and forks, knives, and spoons look like real cutlery. Designer paper napkins can be any size, from cocktail to lunch or dinner, in a multitude of colors and designs. Even glasses will look at a glance like the real deal, but you won’t have to worry about anyone knocking a glass over and having it break!

How to Class Up Your Disposable Dinnerware

An understated theme will certainly help — you want to keep it simple. Neutral colors with an accent are always a good choice and metallic colors are always popular (especially for a wedding or some type of anniversary or milestone birthday). And do stick to the theme the whole way through, if you’re getting tablecloths or table runners and centerpieces. That will help bring the entire event together.

Some retailers who specialize in elegant disposable dinnerware might also have special designs that will make your event pop. Go for more heavyweight plastics that will emulate the feel of silverware, glasses, and plates to begin with (this will also make them less likely to tear or leak).

If you’re not so keen on plastic, consider reinforced paper dinnerware or go for the more exotic (and biodegradable) palm leaf or acanthus serveware. This is a more eco-friendly option and can make a great conversation topic as well!

Why You Should Consider Plastic Serveware and Dinnerware For Your Next Event

There’s a whole host of reasons that disposable serveware and dinnerware is a practical choice for your next event. For one thing, it can be extremely expensive to rent dishes (and the whole kit and caboodle) for an event. The average price tag on a wedding these days, for example, is over $35,000. Any way a couple can save helps, especially when the effect is still gorgeous!

Disposable serveware and tableware also means there’s less fuss after the event. It’s likely that a caterer will do the clean-up, but it makes breaking down much easier. And if you have to stay and oversee the clean-up, being able to toss the majority of things used means a quicker exit for you!

It’s also kid-friendly and there won’t be a huge mess if something is knocked over or spilled. Things can be easily scooped up and dealt with in just a few minutes and there won’t be any safety issues posed with porcelain or glass fragments.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to opt for plastic serveware and dinnerware at your next big function. You might find yourself surprised at all the amazing options available these days — open a tab and start browsing now!

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