3 Secrets About Packaging Design That Nobody Will Tell You. Well, Except Us.

Your brand is more than just your name, it’s your first impression with a potential new customer and also keeps existing customers coming back for more. When you create an iconic brand, it transcends your product and creates a lasting legacy. Making an emotional connection with your customer is really the key; your well-designed packaging will get you there. Whether you’re trying to create dog treat packaging, custom candy bags, or coffee bag labels, there are a few things you need to get right. Let’s dive in!

Be Unique

When a potential customer walks into the store looking for a product you sell, you want yours to be the brand they think of. Making quality treats is great, but you want someone to walk into a store and find your quality treats. To do that, your brand needs to stand out from all the other products you’re competing with on the shelves. Don’t follow the leader and try to do one thing differently; it doesn’t usually work. Create your brand design from a different angle, one that will catch your target consumer’s eye. Interestingly – and this is important – brands that focus on packaging reported a 30% increase in consumer interest. Make that ‘product browser’ stop and grab your package (so to speak since literally, that’s probably illegal) because of the great design that you’ve created.

Don’t overdo it

Being louder than everyone else won’t bring you any success. Simple is always better and in a package market where over-the-top visual designs are the norm, people are becoming desensitized. Consumers can walk through an aisle and not even notice half of the products on the shelves because they all blend together. Creating a simple package design can help your product catch the eye of your target demographic much more efficiently than a congested design.

Connect on an emotional level

A successful brand creates an emotional connection with the consumer. You want your customers to feel something when they see your packaging and not just throw it in the cart and check something off their list (well, at least they’re buying from you). If your product is an energy bar, you want people to feel powerful and energized when they see your product.


No matter your angle or design choices, it’s equally important to find a packaging company that can execute your vision. If you sell coffee, you want to do more than find coffee bags for sale, you want to find coffee bags for sale that can be customized to represent your brand.

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