A Switch in Gaming Distribution? Four Updates to Digital Art News

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The very first examples of human art we have are the cave paintings and venus sculptures from the stone age period. Today, art has changed pace and is often digital in nature. Here are four new updates to the art world that might surprise you, as found in digital arts magazines.

1. A Switch in Gaming Distribution

Electronic Arts, a global game distributor, has reported a huge uptick in the number of games sold online, as opposed to physically, in a store. Digital sales now account for 482 million dollars, as opposed to 452 million for physical, disc based games. The tide seems to slowly but surely be turning on this one.

2. New Coral Launch

Coral, a popular digital art program similar to photoshop, has released Painter X3. It adds 25 new Jitter brushes to the mix, all of which are customizable and aim to add randomness to the strokes. Perspective guides have also been added so that artists can physically visualize angles. On its own, the software comes in at about 300 dollars.

3. Does Digital Art Need Buildings?

The Guardian, which is not an art magazine but has sections devoted to art, has an interesting piece up questioning whether digital art will be less dependent on physical space for showcasing purposes. They note that the Liverpool Arts Centre, with their latest exhibition, encouraged people to leave the city and hunt for virtual objects with their smartphone and through the use of GPS.

4. Disney Still a Leader

Whenever someone wonders whether the magic has gone out of Disney animation, the company comes back with another amazingly animated film. Monsters University has topped the box office, and has made over 200 million dollars so far. One of their upcoming sequels includes Frozen, a princess movie set in the frozen tundra, based on the classic fairytale the Ice Queen.

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