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Looking to brush up on your design and illustration chops? Digital arts magazines provide insights, tips and tricks and case studies to really get your digital arts skills supercharged.

The digital arts are constantly evolving as software advances to take advantages of stronger, faster computers and as techniques are created to better take advantage of the tools. As such, you can constantly keep adding to your digital arts portfolio and skills. By studying other artists, you can improve your capabilities.

In terms of illustration techniques, the digital arts publications can showcase multiple ways of presenting the same subject matter. Just as there are numerous styles of painting, there are unlimited styles of digital painting. By looking at different ways to create subject matter, your style and efficiency will increase. Some may be more apt to use keyboard shortcuts and a mouse, while others may prefer a stylus and tablet to create their masterpieces.

Digital video and animation takes another spotlight in the world of the digital arts. This too represents an area that is constantly evolving with software and tools that allow you to expand your capabilities. With the digital video, you can purchase an unlimited supply of add ons to create new textures, background and digital effects that you can study a new one each issue.

Another whole aspect or branch of the digital arts includes the realm of print design. Advertising and printed media represent a constantly expanding section of digital arts that lend themselves to discussions of creation and clever application. Some practitioners may also be interested in the tips and tricks for print output as part of creating their digital arts.

While not the last topic at all, the business and marketing of the digital arts also takes a role in studying the digital arts. As practicioners, individuals must be able to get their artworks commissioned or services marketed to successfully continue in the business of the digital arts.

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