How Do I Create a Male Figure Print?

How Do I Create a Male Figure Print?

Many artists will tell you that drawing a male figure print can be harder than a female one, but both have their tricks. The Youtube video “Zimou Tan – Art – How to draw, a male figure” shows exactly how a great artist starts sketching on a black page with charcoal. Let’s find out more!

The artist begins by making traces with the charcoal, but he’s not using the tip. Instead, the piece of charcoal is short and horizontal to the page to make a big mark.

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That’s how he started making the shadows and the general outline of the male figure print. He pressed the charcoal deeper and often in the darkest areas. At first, the sketch seems like nothing, but slowly, it starts to take shape.

At some point, the artist began to use the tip of the charcoal to finally outline the male figure print. You can start seeing the slope of the shoulders and back. With the tip of his finger, the artist starts rubbing the charcoal, blending the material to create a beautiful shadow effect.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about making a male figure print.


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