Which Same-Day Printer is Best?

Which Same-Day Printer is Best?

For years now, people have been having their photos printed at their local Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS Pharmacy. These systems print your photos in the same day that you send them in, so last-minute gifts are a breeze. Despite each of these stores offering the same printing services, not ever printer is created equal. So, how do you tell if a print is of poor quality? Which of these three local spots offers the best and most accurate photo printing? This video examines this question through a simple printing and examination experiment.

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Without a doubt, CVS offers the best quality print. Though they may not always get your order perfect, their printer offers the closest match to the photos you submit. Walmart on the other hand, didn’t even give this person the right photos. Aside from the obvious mistake, the coloring is also extremely off, leaning towards the red side of the spectrum. While Walgreens had the quickest turnaround time, it didn’t cut one of the photos to the desired size. When you are choosing where to get your photos printed, keep in mind that the more you spend and plan ahead, the better your prints will come out.


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