The Most Magnificent Industrial Floor Ever!

The Most Magnificent Industrial Floor Ever!

When it’s time for an aesthetic change in your home, changing the flooring can have the most effect on your room’s overall feeling. Going from a lighter to darker floor will make it feel more modern, while lightening a darker floor will make it feel more clean and open. Whichever vibe you are going for, there are plenty of materials and colors to get the job done. There are some directions you can take if you are braver, however. The world of industrial flooring rarely includes such vivid colors like tangerine and aquamarine, but this incredible project requires precisely that! This video shows the process of a gorgeous epoxy dirty pour on a floor.

As you can see, all of these paints are poured over a concrete flooring. They are then left to dry and develop an incredible metallic sheen.

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The colors used in this project are turquoise, black, khaki, and bronze. Before the colors are poured, a layer of clear epoxy is put down in order for the colors to flow out properly. Then, the buckets of paints are marbled onto the surface in a natural-looking pattern.


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