How to find Gold Ore in Minecraft

How to find Gold Ore in Minecraft

Gold is highly sought after both in real life and in Minecraft. In this video, you will learn how to find gold ore in Minecraft. If you are looking for some gold for yourself in the physical world, try a gold pawn shop.

Since the new Minecraft 1.18 update, terrain has been majorly overhauled.

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Therefore, gold spawns are a little different than in the past. However, before you start mining, remember that you need a iron pickaxe or better to mine this block. Also, as of 1.18, you can now use the fortune enchantment on gold ore blocks. This means that they will drop anywhere from 1 to 4 gold ore per block mined. You will need to smelt the ore when you are done.

Gold will attempt to generate 3 times per 16 x 16 chunk. However, air and structures will block gold from spawning. To find these gold veins, you must be mining from y-64 to y32. However, you are most likely to find gold at level -16 and the surrounding levels. This applies to all biomes except for Badlands. In the Badlands, gold is much more common, generating up to 50 times per chunk while also not being effected by air. This means that they are an excellent way to get gold quickly. Further, the gold in this biome is more accessible because it generates from y32 and above./p>

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