A Guide to Silverfish

A Guide to Silverfish

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. There are so many intricacies that make this game fascinating. Each monster or mob in the game has unique characteristics and uses. In this video, you will learn about the mysterious silverfish. If you have having trouble with silverfish in your real life home, consider calling your local silverfish control expert.

Silverfish are a rare mob. They can only be found in two places.

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They can either be found in extreme hills biomes or in strongholds. You won’t see them milling about either. They only have a small chance of spawning when a stone block is broken in one of these two areas. Further, there is also a silverfish spawner in the end portal room of the stronghold. It will constantly spawn silverfish every so many ticks until the spawner is broken.

Though silverfish are fairly rare, they are very weak. They only have 4 hearts of health and do 1/2 a heart of damage. What they lack in ferocity, they make up for in number. They normally attack in small groups. Further, they have small hitboxes making them hard to hit. The best way to exterminate these pests is to use a sword with sweeping edge. This is because the sword has the fastest cooldown time and the sweeping edge enchantment increases the arc in which damage is dealt. Upon killing one these pests, the silverfish drop 5 experience orbs.


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