What Fonts Should You Use on Your Site?

What Fonts Should You Use on Your Site?

Website design is one of the most profitable industries of our time, considering how the Internet keeps on growing and growing. Without a solid, accessible, and attractive web design, a business is not going to go far online. While it can be tempting to simply plot your company’s information into a template, savvy business owners know that you need quite a bit of careful customization to truly make a website your own. One of the key building blocks to a successful website is the font choices.

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In fact, fonts are arguably more important that color or illustrations on a site. In this video, we will take a look at several different places where you can download fonts specific to your web design project.

First of all, it is crucial that your font is legible. When in doubt, pick a reliable and simple font. If a font has too many details or acts more as a graphic element, try to avoid it unless it is the sole focal point of a page. Google Fonts and TypeKit are two very helpful tools to download font families directly to your library. These families allow for you to have different weights and complimentary styles all picked out for you beforehand. Finding the perfect font includes a lot of trial and error, so get creative with it!

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