How Do You Get Granite in Minecraft?

How Do You Get Granite in Minecraft?

Minecraft is extremely popular in part due to the premise of being able to do whatever you want. This includes being able to build whatever you want as well. Most players start by building with dirt, wood, and cobblestone. These materials can certainly be used to make nice starter houses. However, it may be time to take your building to the next level.

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Granite is the perfect block to use in your new house. It is a versatile block that provides a warm color tone to your build. This makes it perfect for a cozy abode. In this video, you will learn how to find granite in Minecraft.

Granite can be located anywhere from y level 80 and below. Granite also spawns in a vein of up to 33 blocks. You could go caving underground in the hopes of finding a vein. However, you will also easily be able to spot veins of granite in mountainsides thanks to the spawn level of up to y level 80. It should be noted that you need at least a wooden pickaxe to break this block. You won’t be able to harvest it with your fist like you can with trees.

There are also some other unnatural ways to acquire granite in Minecraft. For example, you can combine diorite with a quartz crystal to create granite. Further, you can trade with a mason villager for granite blocks as well.


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