Things You Didnt Know about Mario

Things You Didnt Know about Mario

You have probably played a Mario game before. Mario is the iconic protagonist plumber found the in the Super Mario videogames. In this video, you will learn some things that you didn’t know about Mario.

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Did you know that “Super Mario Bros 2” is not actually the real second installment of the popular game? It was actually a reskin of a different game. This is because the real “Super Mario Bros 2” was deemed to be too difficult for American consumers. However, it was later released as “Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels.”

Did you know that there is a Super Mario movie? It is not well known, nor is it very good. Bizarrely, Tom Hanks was actually turned down for the role of Mario because he was not well known enough at the time.

A common misconception about Mario is that he breaks blocks with his very durable head. In fact, he breaks blocks with his fist. If you look closely as his jumping animation, you will see that he always jumps with his fist in the air. This is the same for when he jumps to break a block.


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