The 3 Most Expensive Antiques

The 3 Most Expensive Antiques

If you have ever been to an antique store, chances are you were completely overwhelmed with how much stuff there was. Antique stores often boast walls that are completely covered in stuff, from paintings to Beanie Babies. Needless to say, the antiquing business is a huge and thriving industry, as more and more people are looking at their old things and thinking, “I wonder how much this is worth.” This spring cleaning season, why not condense a bit and take your potentially valuable items to a local antique appraiser? Before you go, however, it is important to know which kinds of antiques bring in the most profit. This video outline the three most expensive antiques you could have.

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Without a doubt, art originals and numbered prints are some of the most valuable items in antique stores. These can sell for a fortune to the right collector, so hold to all your beautiful artworks until you can get them properly appraised. Furniture and jewelry are the next runners up for the title of best-selling antiques. Furniture and jewelry with certificates of authenticity can be extremely valuable, depending on their age, creator, and material makeup.


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