Study Technique, Styles, and Get the Latest Breaking Art News

Digital arts magazines

According to Georgetown University, majoring in Studio Art can land you one of the least well-paying gigs. Studio Art majors average a salary of approximately $40,000. While far from being the worst paid of all the majors, there is a ring of truth to the popular belief that those that make, and study art, do it out of love, and not out of avarice.

Whether you prefer to work in traditional or digital mediums, the quest to learn, improve, and share your talent is never ending. If you want to hone your craft, consider an art magazine as a valuable tool. Here are three ways you can use arts magazines to grow as an artist.

  1. Study technique.
  2. Do you already know how to properly draw the figure, or draw reflections in the human eye? Most arts magazines include tutorials for drawing, painting, or sculpting common elements such as folds, shadows, and likenesses. If there is an online version of the arts magazine then you will be in even greater luck. You should be able to find more in depth tutorials and interactive features.

  3. Study new styles.
  4. Having an arts magazine is incredibly useful for having a look at work done by other, often lesser known, artists. Pablo Picasso once said “good artists copy, great artists steal.” While you should never wholly steal the work of another artist, taking strong inspiration from others in your field can only help your own artwork grow, and motivate you to stretch your talent. Art magazines feature portfolios of other artists, and it is there that you will find endless inspiration.

  5. Study the news.
  6. Digital arts magazines will cover reviews and news stories surrounding new tablets, painting and drawing software, and the tremendous growth of digital art. Traditional arts magazines might cover new gallery showings, high profile artists, and what is new in the world of art. A regular art magazine can tip you off to shows coming to your area, contests, and even jobs.

If art is your passion, no matter how much or how little it pays, then the only recourse you have is to continue learning and creating. Art magazines can help you in this goal, by providing valuable resources for learning new techniques, studying different styles, and accessing the latest news from the art world.

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