From Animation to Sound Installations, Digital Art is Trending Upward

Digital art

If you love visual art, then you understand the value of high quality art magazines. For those who may not be able to view certain works of art in person in a gallery setting, high resolution photographs in a well produced publication can often be the next best thing. With the advent of better and better technology, readers now have access to art that utilizes more mediums than traditional sculpture or oil on canvas.

Digital arts magazines focus on works that might get overlooked in magazines such as Art in America or ARTnews, which often concentrate on more established forms of expression. Digital works can utilize any number of mediums, from digital animation to sound installation to computer assisted drawing. A prime example of digital artworks are the video projections of South African artist William Kentridge, who employed these in his set design and direction for a production of Dmitri Shostakovich’s The Nose at The Metropolitan Opera in 2010. In it, he was able to communicate the mercurial and absurdist sensibility of the opera, primarily through a collage like aesthetic which used newsprint as a prominent visual theme.

For those who are interested in the artistic possibilities that new presentations such as these represent, digital arts magazines have a great responsibility to report on these works and their effect on contemporary culture and the art scene at large. And with these magazines available in both print and online forms, there are more ways than ever for exciting new art to come alive for interested readers. In particular, online magazines have greater capabilities to demonstrate digital art such as video in a conducive format that brings the art as close to the viewer as possible.

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