The Phenomenon of Digital Arts

Digital art

In recent years, the digital arts have really taken off in popularity. It is often easier for the average person to engage in digital art because the medium is beginner friendly and can engage different parts of the brain than, for example, traditional painting might. An artist can easily incorporate samples of textures, backgrounds, 3D designs, and more into their artwork with only a few clicks.

Digital tools like drawing tablets that connect to computers via usb cables also greatly increase the user friendly aspect of digital art, while decreasing the setup time inherent to more traditional art styles. Digital arts allow artists more ease in creating multi media projects. One can take a photograph, upload it, and combine it with painterly designs to create an entirely new piece. Digital art also allows art to exist in new spaces. Many digital creations make use of and incorporate the internet, light, abstract mathematical concepts, and projection.

The digital arts have become popular enough that there are multiple digital arts magazines to choose from. Digital arts being a relatively new field can be an advantage to the upcoming artist. In the past it has been very difficult to get pieces accepted into well known art magazines. A digital art magazine will sometimes be more open to lesser known names, especially if the artist has combined their art with social media and has a supportive online following. Several artists, in fact, have used online followings as a jumping point for their larger, more ambitious projects.

Many of the most fresh and prominent art voices of today are digital artists whose works have been blogged and talked about worldwide. If one is interested in keeping up with the most current and relevant news in the digital art world, subscribing to a reputable digital arts magazine is recommend.

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