The Role That Art Plays in Society

The Role That Art Plays in Society

Creating art is a universal human interest, and art is famously subjective and varied. It ranges from paintings and serigraph images to music, dance, and even clothing, not to mention poetry and sculpture. Art dates back much further than the written word, and with the Internet to promote more artists and styles than ever, art’s future is secure. Meanwhile, what role does art play in modern society? Many exhibits and museums are available to show off art of all sorts, from abstract art and trendy sculptures made from everyday items, to classic paintings and historic art in larger galleries. An interested buyer can find limited edition serigraph artwork for sale online if they are interested, and buying limited edition serigraph artwork for sale may be a fine way to decorate an office space, too. Why should art be placed in an office or a library, though? And how large is the art industry today, anyway?

The Business of Art

While art is subjective, it also represents a massive industry around the world, from private collectors to art consultant firms to museums and beyond. As of 2017, for example, the worldwide art market value weighed in at $64 billion USD, and the United States alone is home to 113,000 nonprofit organizations that employ around 2.2 million artists in the modern workforce. That is a strong component of the economy, and many freelance artists can find work online, to create art for clients to use on anything from websites and brochures to board game box illustrations and more. American art, in particular, proves popular, and American artists appear in 40% of all collections worldwide. These collections often feature paintings, as they appear in 83% of collections, comparing favorably to drawings and collages. Lastly, it may be noted that federal funding for arts and humanities is $250 million per year.

Art and the Human Mind

Why might someone look for colorful, whimsical art to display or seek out limited edition serigraph artwork for sale? Art is not only a classic means of expressing ideas and making arguments; it is also soothing for the human mind and through it, the body. Art can have a mild healing effect on anyone who sees it, and this effect has been studied in the UK and United States. Surveys show that someone who just finished browsing a museum feels much more relaxed and at ease after seeing some attractive art, and their stress levels are generally lower. Being at ease like this can have some physical benefits, since high stress levels can have bodily consequences on a person. What is more, studies also show that when a person views an attractive piece of art, their brain reacts to it in a similar manner as looking at a loved one, based on blood flow patterns.

Art in Museums and Public Spaces

Many private collections are found all around the world, and over half of them feature 500 or more items. But what about art this is readily available to see? Many tourists to culture centers like Miami or New York City or Paris are drawn to the local museums, sculptures, and even attractive architecture, and a tourist can look up trendy museums to visit that show the kind of art that tourist wants to see. And it’s not just museum staff who want to get their hands on trendy art; such art also has a place in business.

An office manager may look for attractive and limited edition serigraph artwork for sale, or excellent photography art from local artists and frame it to put on the wall. Why? A place of business is populated by human beings, after all, which crave art. Employees and guests alike will feel more at ease and welcomed when art is present, and such art is often courtesy of professional art consultants. A hotel’s homey feel is greatly augmented with framed art on the walls, and a doctor’s office will feel more relaxing to guests when they can see art. The same is true of hospital rooms, too. What is more, studies show that when office employees can view art in the workplace, they actually feel more creative and motivated, and this mental boost is always desirable.

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