Top Five Reasons You Should Consider Renting Your Party Equipment Instead Of Buying

Corporate event tent

Throwing an event should be a fun process. You have friends to invite, family to cheer on and all sorts of decorations to put up. But what happens when you get the jitters and worry more about budget than the evening wrap-up? This is where a party rental comes in. When you have a wedding or birthday to throw but are concerned about all the little details that could make or break your hard work, party rentals will have you supported both financially and aesthetically. Below are the top five reasons you should consider checking out wedding chairs or a backyard party tent when throwing together your checklist for the perfect day.

Always Keep In Mind Your Guests

An unsuccessful event is one that doesn’t take its guests into full account. It’s not enough to simply invite them. You need to make sure they’re properly accommodated throughout the day. The Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study saw the average number of people attending a wedding at 136, though this number can be even bigger depending on the venue. Once you’ve estimated your guest count it’s much easier to figure out the number of square feet needed to set up your tables, chairs and tents. A common recommendation is six square feet for a standing area, eight square feet for the ceremony and around 25 square feet for the head table.

Secure Your Outdoor Event No Matter The Squalls

Throwing an event outside? Make sure you rent a tent. When finicky weather can put your hard work to waste in less than a minute, a tent rental does the dual work of giving your surroundings a bit of life as well as your guests a bit of cover. Whether or not you should rent or buy depends on a few variables, the most obvious being usage. If you’re going to use it three or four times in a year? You should definitely rent. The two basic styles of tents, from the frame tents to the pole tents, will give you plenty of variety as you set up your outdoor event and future perfect evening!

Don’t Hold Back On Your Supplies

Worried you’re renting too much? Don’t be. Wedding rentals or your basic party rental are meant to give you peace-of-mind alongside versatility. If you’re hosting an event that will need plenty of chairs, take into account the square feet that will be needed to not just accomodate the chairs but the legs and feet that will be in the way. Particularly bulky chairs will need extra space and there’s nothing wrong with saving a few feet in case of surprise guests! For those planning on serving a meal, the most important factor is usually the table and how much width it’ll take up.

Pick The Right Materials Every Time

It’s your special day, so why settle for less? Choosing good materials will hold up better to accidents and will make sure you’re spending more time having fun and less time worrying about a spill or a tear. There are two types of tops available, polyester and vinyl, and which one you choose depends on the party and amount of people. While you won’t always have a say in which material you choose, vinyl is widely preferred for its durable and affordable quality. Perfect tent rentals, however, are the best because they simply give you everything you need for one smart price.

Rent Your Supplies And Save Money Every Time

A successful event is all in the little details. Outdoor parties benefit greatly from the support of a tent, staving off potential showers or heavy winds and keeping your guests comfortable. Common party elements such as tables and chairs are easily covered by your average rental store and all it takes is a little forward thinking to properly accommodate both your supplies and your guests. Last, but not least, good materials will give your event an extra push toward something truly memorable. Affordable pricing doesn’t mean a lack of quality. Try renting a party rental when hosting an outdoor event next time and see the difference it makes.

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