When Was the Last Time That You Attended a Large Corporate Event?

Outdoor tented events

It is set up to be the trip of a lifetime.
After the big announcement at the sales kickoff event, your husband found that he was the top sales support manager in the entire company. As the entire sales team gathered at under the tent which was hosted by one of the largest golf courses in the city. Fitting, since the prize, the trip of a lifetime, was a three night four day stay at one of the best golf courses on the West coast.
The backyard party tent where the sales kickoff was held was memorable in itself, but the upcoming vacation was going to be even better. Free golf, free spa services, luxury accommodations. You normally did not pay much attention to the details that went into corporate event rentals, and neither did your husband, but as the company’s top sales support manager recounted the afternoon’s events, including the big announcement, your husband did not leave out a single detail. He talked about where he was sitting when the announcement occurred. As he told the story, he explained that he had expected to enjoy the relaxing event, but he never anticipated that he would be one of the people stepping up to the front podium to receive the top award.
Are You Getting Ready to Host a Large Corporate Event?

No large sales, training, or corporate celebration can go on without the help of corporate event rentals providers. From renting a tent to acquiring the correct number of tables, chairs, and linens, the details are pretty important. Without the proper number of seats, for instance, you can leave an important visiting guest without a place to sit. Without adequate tent rental space, weather can interrupt important announcements and ruin expensive menu items. Working closely with corporate event rentals representatives can help you make sure that you leave no detail ignored.

Consider some of these tips when you are planning your next corporate event:

  • Every single time you are put in charge of an event, you have the opportunity to make or break the celebration. The details that you are in charge of can determine if you will be given similar future assignments.
  • Very few corporate event rentals can be scheduled in just a few days. In most cases, it is important to start making your plans well in advance.
  • Every seating arrangement can help dictate the amount of space that needs to be covered by the tenting. For instance, if cathedral type seating is being used and there are rows of chairs, it will be necessary to allow six square feet for every person.
  • Rental companies have a variety of offerings. From colors to lighting options, it is important to know what the offerings are before you make any decisions.
  • Year end celebrations tend to happen on some very busy days. This means that these celebrations should be scheduled as early as possible so that you can get your first choice in tents, seating, and linens.

  • Details. Details. Details. Keep careful notes from one event to the next so that you can keep track of what works and what does not.
  • Estimates from The Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study, 136 is the average number of wedding guests.
  • The decision to buy or rent a tent involves careful consideration. If the tent will only be used three or four times a year, it is probably better to rent the tent.
  • Annual kick off events are often hosted in large outdoor spaces.
  • If you are hosting a speech or another type of event where chairs are going to be lined up in rows, recommendations indicate that you should allow five or six square feet a chair.
  • Letting common sense be the guide, however, also makes sense. For instance, if you are using particularly bulky chairs or have guests who require more space to maneuver, you may more than the recommended space.

If you are in charge of planning your company’s next big corporate event, make sure that you get an early start. Following the details from the latest similar event, make sure that you begin the party rental reservation process sooner, rather than later. Your future, and the party, may depend on your attention to details.

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